Virtual Tours: Step Inside the Stunning Projects of Interior Designers

With so many interior design styles to choose from, how do you as a homeowner decide which one is right for you? Would contemporary furnishings suit your space better or will vintage décor bring out the beauty in each room? Sometimes, it is difficult to visualise how colour, textures, lighting and furnishings will blend together to create a final look that is pleasing to the eye.

That’s why 3d virtual tours are trending! Interiors designers are happy to go the extra mile to show clients exactly how their home or apartment will look, once all the elements of design and colour are in place. The number of details and timeless design elements that can be highlighted in a 3d virtual tour are many. Here are 4 reasons why you need to talk to your interior designer about creating a virtual tour for you before you say yes to the final interior design:

1. View From Anywhere - If you and your designer are staying in two different geographical locations, then a 3d virtual tour offers the perfect medium to discuss ideas together. A tour can be presented as a slideshow or even viewed directly from the software itself. Some design software even allow file to be exported to YouTube for viewing later. Plus, since it’s online, meetings can be held at your convenience.

2. Huge Timesaver - If you always wondered whether it was possible to merge Cutting-edge design trends with Traditional architectural details, then now is the time to find out! By designing a 3d virtual tour, your interior designer saves time in creating one mood-board after the other on paper. When you view the images for yourself, you’ll be able to make faster decisions on the Eclectic interior design that best suits you.

3. Focus on the Elements - Whether it’s a Classic interior design you’re looking for or a modern interior design, there are certain elements with regard to colour and design that will stand out. When you watch a 3d virtual tour, you can pay closer attention to these intricate details and decide if you want them to be changed or reworked.

4. Yes to Experimenting - Just because your interior designer created a 3d virtual tour for you it doesn’t mean that you have to say yes to everything. The options to experiment are endless so there’s no guilt attached to changing your mind. Feel free to discuss minimalist interiors or mix and match décor with your interior designer because they will be happy to accommodate any request.

Talk to your interior designer today about creating a 3d virtual tour for you and watch your home come alive!

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