Exploring the Fusion of Traditional and Contemporary Designs

Trends in architecture and in interior design are ever changing; so how does one decide between a timeless Classic interior design or a trendy Modern interior design for the home? Instead of choosing just one design look, why not go opt for Fusion interior design intermixed with Historical design influences?

Interior designers have noticed an increase in the number of requests for fusion interior designs from new homeowners over the past one year. According to them, blending cutting edge design trends with a focus on clean lines and simplicity is the smartest way to get the best of both worlds.

Here are 5 ways you can achieve this look:

1. Mix It Up: Fusion interior designs have plenty of fun Mix-and-match decor options to offer. You can choose to go all out with a bright palette of colours or stick to Minimalist interiors.

2. Vintage vs Contemporary: Don’t be worried about whether one style is slightly more dominant than the other in a room. Contemporary furnishings when mixed with hints of Vintage décor can really draw attention to both styles. But remember, balance is the key to achieving a knockout look.

3. Let One Piece Stand Out: Make your sleek and sophisticated interiors look even more attractive by adding heirloom centrepieces where possible, even if the room is colourful and bright otherwise. This works well especially in living rooms, salons and in dining rooms.

4. Contrast vs Blending: If it’s contrast that you really want, then colours and textures are the perfect way to bring in some Old world charm to a modern room. Textured rugs, quilted cushions and even re-upholstered furnishings are a few good examples that will work in any home.

5. Have Unique Rooms: Now who said that every room in your home has to follow just one colour scheme or design? Experts say that switching up colour palettes in each room according to the taste of the individual (especially in bedrooms), adds a striking personal touch that stands out.

For more ideas on fusion interior designs, you need the expert guidance of designers who specialise in transforming homes and apartments. Thomar, one of the leading Interior designers in Palakkad, promises to make your home cutting-edge.

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