Flat interior design in kochi
A Guide to Vastu-Compliant Flat Interior Design in Kochi

Vastu Shastra, the ancient Indian science of architecture emphasises the significance of aligning your living space with the natural forces to enhance well-being and prosperity. If you are wondering how to check Vastu compliance for flats, worry not. Here we cover some of the most important signs you should look for in an apartment or flat. While Vastu Doshas or defects can be removed with pujas conducted on the site, it is best to keep an eye out for the correct positions and directions of the construction of the property. In this blog, we'll explore some simple yet effective tips to create a Vastu-compliant interior design for your flat.

Living Room: Arrange images of water bodies in the north to east areas to attract good fortune. Opt for light-coloured walls and choose a centre table with square, rectangle, or round shapes. Create a layout that emphasises more open space in the northern and eastern corners for a harmonious and positive energy flow. Position the living room in the east or north to benefit from morning sunlight and positive vibrations. Place the door in the north or east for optimal energy flow. Opt for square or rectangle-shaped furniture, avoiding a heavy chandelier at the centre. Consider placing furniture in the southern and western corners, with the sofa ideally in the south, avoiding L-shaped designs.

Kitchen: The orientation of the kitchen is another aspect to carefully consider. Preferable positions for the kitchen are in the southeast or, as an alternative, the northwest, while avoiding the northeast, mid-north, mid-west, southwest, mid-south, and the central areas of the house. It is essential that the cooking platform does not make direct contact with the eastern or northern walls. Additionally, it is advised to face eastward while engaging in cooking activities.

Bedroom: The optimal placement for the master bedroom is in the southwest, imparting a sense of heaviness and making it ideal for the head of the household. It is crucial to position the bed with the occupant's head pointing towards the south. However, the southwest is not recommended for children, guests, or servant rooms. Sleeping orientations should always be with the head towards the south, east, or west, avoiding the north. Additionally, care should be taken to ensure no beams cross over the bed. If the bed is not placed on the south wall, maintain a minimum distance of 4 feet from the surrounding walls.

Washroom: A washroom should never be placed toward the northeast or southwest; instead, it should be in the west or northwest. The north or east is the ideal location for bathroom fixtures, while the southeast is the best area for the geyser. Make sure the east or north walls have mirrors, and paint the walls a light colour. Enough ventilation is essential, and an exhaust fan should be positioned in the east for efficient air circulation. For best energy flow and aesthetic balance, keep the bathroom door closed and avoid putting a mirror immediately in front of the toilet.

The best Flat Interior Design in Kochi will help you incorporate these simple yet effective tips and you can create a home that not only reflects your style but also resonates with positive energy and harmony.

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