In Trivandrum, home makeovers have evolved into a kind of art where homeowners and designers work together to give their homes personality and vitality. Traditional architectural features are common in Trivandrum residences, however many have to be updated. Homeowners frequently complain about old fixtures, small, dark interiors, and a lack of modern design. Some houses even experienced structural problems because of the heat and humidity of the area.

Homeowners in Trivandrum have now embraced these difficulties as opportunities. To make their spaces appear lighter, more airy, and more useful, they have embraced the usage of open floor plans, lighter color schemes, and creative storage solutions. These contemporary transformations gain a distinct regional character from the use of traditional Kerala design features like wooden carvings and mural art.

Nowadays, homeowners concentrate on creating gorgeous outdoor havens. Incorporating lush gardens, water features, and outdoor lounging areas has become essential in home renovations. These redesigned outdoor areas offer a link to Trivandrum’s surrounding area’s natural beauty. Homes in Trivandrum frequently have small, antiquated kitchens that were closed off from the rest of the house.

These days, kitchens take center stage in these renovations. Another distinguishing feature of Trivandrum’s home renovations is the use of sustainably produced materials. Thomas Interiors has the best Home interior design trivandrum.

In summary, living spaces in Trivandrum have undergone an amazing metamorphosis, with designers and homeowners combining modern practicality with traditional Kerala beauty. These houses today serve as both a reminder of the rich cultural heritage of the area and a source of inspiration for residents wishing to undertake renovations of their own.

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